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MB Pro Center - Opening hours
01.04.2023 – 04.11.2023
(9.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m., until 19.00 p.m. in July / August)

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed on the beach in front of our center in high season. You can find special dog beaches in the area.

Medical care
There is a German doctor in “Barrabisa”, only 1 km away from the center.
Dottoressa “Nelli”: Tel. 339 1068964
In Palau there is also a practice especially for tourists. The nearest hospital is in Olbia, La Maddalena or Tempio.

Check in / check out of the material
At check-in you have to leave a personal document (ID card / driver's license) for the rental period in the office.
When returning the material, we ask you to check out at MB Team and hand over your document to you if it is returned free of damage.

Rental Conditions
At all RentalBasic knowledge of theory and practice is required.
You also have to guarantee that you can swim for at least 15 minutes without aids.

Liability insurance
All students are about that Pro Center insured against liability.
After the end of the course lesson, material tenants are neither for themselves nor for third parties about the Pro Center insured.

BOARDS + sail swap
During the entire rental period you have the opportunity to change the material at any time, depending on the wind conditions and skill level.

Reservation necessary
In any case, we ask you to book courses and / or material rental with us in advance by email, so that we can plan you optimally.

BOARDSk categories
BASIC - EVA soft deck for beginners & kids.
FUN - Full wood sandwichBoards for advanced users
PRO - carbon Boards for Profis
VIP - Full carbon black ribbon Boards, Foiling & WING
The material of the booked category as well as the one below can always be used.

Double use
1st person: Price according to price list and choice of material
2nd person: 50% discount based on the same or simpler rental equipment
Double use possible from 3 (consecutive) days more completely BOARDSmiete; Cannot be combined with family discounts or pre-booking discounts.

Family discount
from 7 days BOARDrent (BOARDS + rig)
Discount with two full paying adults
3rd person discount -10%
Group prices
on request

Material insurance
Material insurance can be provided in the Pro Center to be completed. It applies to damage to the borrowed material, not to people or to third parties. Does not apply if the material is lost, if the rules of right of way are not observed or if damage has occurred because the material is left unattended on the beach.

Use material in other spots
You can also take the material you have borrowed from us to other spots. To do this, you have to leave a document with us, which we will return to you in return for the damage-free material.

Sign in
The day before until 17:00 p.m. in person or by telephone at the reception.

Course guarantee
If a course cannot be completed due to bad wind conditions, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem on your next visit with us.

Level check
When you register for a course with us, we ask you to fill out a level check first, at which you tell us
When registering for one of our courses, we ask you to briefly fill out a level check, in which you tell us what knowledge you already have.
Thus we can better place you in an ideal group with other students in your level so that you are neither over nor under challenged.

Kids Playground
We offer kids courses for children from 4 years of age who are introduced to windsurfing in a playful way in shallow water. It is made on special, extra soft RRD Boards taught with small sails from 0,8 square meters, whereby the little ones are always securely fastened to a line so that they do not drift away.
A teaching unit lasts about an hour and at the end a diploma is handed over, which confirms participation in the course. The parents can of course always be present at the child's course

Kids Academy & Teens Pro
Playground, Junior, Kids & Teens from 4-14 years of age are taught in a group of 2 to a maximum of 5 people, each for 1,5 hours a day. We recommend 5 course days in a row, as well as the full day BOARDSmiete, for an optimal introduction to windsurfing and to continue practicing independently after the course.
At the end of the course you will be issued with our level card and a diploma will be handed over to you confirming your participation in the course.
Entry into the course is possible every day; Start around 9:30 a.m.

Windsurfing course duration
The course duration of all adult group courses, from beginners to advanced, is 1,5 hours.
The course duration for kids and teens is 1,5 hours.
The course duration for individual lessons and the Kids Playground is one hour.

Duration WING or Kite
The duration of all courses, from beginners to advanced, is 1 hour.

Level cards
Your personal MB Level Card will be given to you at the end of your course. In this we confirm the course level you have reached.
The MB Level Card you can bring it back with you on your next visit. So our teachers see what you have already learned and can continue teaching directly at your level.

Trial course
Trial courses for all ages are offered daily. Simply register with us the day before by 17:00 p.m.

VDWS certificate
No matter which course you take, you can complete the VDWS basic license with us at any time. The training booklets are included in all beginner courses. There are special VDWS training books for our kids.
The costs for the VDWS certificate are € 29,00.

Reduced bikeRental € 59, - / week at Flatrate
From 6/7 days windsurf or Kite Renal bikes can also be rented for a maximum of 3 x 2 hours at a special price of € 59.

Rental Conditions
It is required to show the IKO license “Step 3K” or the VDWS license “Step 5”. If no license is available, one can also be purchased from us. Safe climbing is a prerequisite for renting - this is our level Kiteinstructors checked before the start of the rental.

Kites/Boards material
The Kite-Center is with 40 newest and high quality Kites/Boards equipped by RRD. We have training, freestyle and wavekites from 5-15 m2, as well as twin tip and (strapless) waveboards.

Material insurance
Material insurance can be provided in the Pro Center to be completed. Applies to damage to the borrowed material, not to persons or to third parties. Does not apply in the event of loss of material, failure to observe the right of way or if damage has occurred because the material was left unattended on the beach.

Kite Beachservice Package
The beach service includes take-off and landing assistance, rescue service by boat and care on the beach (tent, chilling zone, coolbox). That comes with the Premium Service Kite Storage, as well as material and passenger shuttle to the Kitebeach added.

minimum age
In Porto Pollo a minimum age of 10 years is required to attend Kiteto attend courses.

Sign in
Possible the day before until 17:00 p.m. at the reception.

The Basic/ Theory lessons on the beach last 1,5 hours in a group of at least 2 people.
Thereafter, the course duration is pro One hour unit (private or in a group of 2 or 3 people)

Group lessons
After the BasicLessons can be taken from levels 1-3 in a group of 2 or 3 people. Private lessons must then be taken.

Private lessons
Private lessons can be given at all levels. The unit of a private lesson is one hour.
From level 3 (water start) private lessons must be taken to guarantee safety and the lift service with the boat.

Trial course
It can be anytime Kite Trial course of 1,5 hours can be done.
There is a reduced tariff for a full week BOARDrent.
Simply register with us the day before by 17:00 p.m.

Level cards
Your personal MB Level Card will be given to you at the end of your course. In this we confirm the course level you have reached.
The MB Level Card you can bring it back with you on your next visit. So our teachers see what you have already learned and can continue teaching directly at your level.

VDWS KiteLicense
It can be a Kite License can be purchased from us. The cost for theory, teaching material, license plus all steps reached so far is € 54,00. The acceptance and entry of newly achieved steps in an already existing one Kitelicense costs € 20,00.

SUP + kayak
With us you have Stand Up Paddle Boards available in all sizes and sea kayaks for 1-3 people. These are included with 6/7 days of complete material rental.

Excursions / tours
We organize guided SUP and kayak trips to the nearby bays and islands every week.
All guests with at least 7 days of complete windsurfing or Kiterent receive a discounted rate.
Tour duration: 1,5 hours. Please register one day in advance in the office.

You have a choice for surfing Boards are available for hire in various sizes.

Beach volleyball field
There is a right on the beach proProfessional beach volleyball court that you can use freely. You will get the ball in the office.

In the off-season there are two sun loungers with a parasol pro Week package included. In the main season you can get these for a fee. For Windsurf Village There are discounted prices for guests.
We always ask you to reserve in advance by email, phone or directly at reception, as the space and number of loungers is limited.

As soon as the temperatures allow it, every Wednesday there is a BBQ evening with a beach party and live music in the tiki bar.
The BBQ is from Windsurf Village-, MB- & Tiki-Team set up. You can grill together there until around 23 p.m. Afterwards a life band or a DJ will set the mood.
We ask you to register in advance on the same day Windsurf Village or at the MBTeam at the reception. In the evening, tables and benches as well as the dishes are provided. We ask you to bring everything else with you. Of course, drinks and snacks can be ordered at the bar.

MOA beach shop
In our MOA Beach Shop right next to the reception you will find everything windsurfers and Kiter need on the beach, such as Boardswear, t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, lycras and much more. We have clothing with MOA, Porto Pollo, MB and Windsurf Village logos.

MOA meaning
The word “MOA” is Hawaiian for “chicken”, and “Pollo” has the same meaning in Italian - the perfect connection to our spot “Porto Pollo” (translated “Chicken Harbor”).

Windsurf & Kite Accessories
Accessories or spare parts, as well as new wetsuits, sails & BOARDYou can get the preseason and trapezoids from us in the center. Just ask us at reception for the necessary material.

We can repair minor damage on site. We are also happy to mediate proprofessional sails, - and Boardrepair. Please report to reception.

Beach bar + restaurant
A beach bar with happy hour and good food is located directly at the center.
In the Tiki Beach Bar you get everything you need to eat, drink and relax during the day and some evenings a week. The Tiki Bar is right next to that MB-PRO Center and is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (20:00 p.m. in summer). During the dinner evenings the Tiki Beach Bar opens until 1:00 a.m., on BBQ evenings and longer for parties. Happy hour starts at 17:00 p.m.
The Tiki Beach Bar is a partner of Windsurf Villages and the Maestrale restaurant in Porto Pollo. Please make table reservations during the day at the Tiki Beach Bar.

Live music
As soon as the temperatures allow it, live music takes place several times a week in the Tiki Beach Bar on the beach. This is right next to the center.

Service package - BOARDTransport
For customers of the Windsurf Villages is the material storage, as well as the BOARDTransport by jeep from Windsurf Village Pro Center free. in the Pro Center Office you will receive a label with the Windsurf Village Voucher (which you will receive at check-in), which you should send to the stored BOARDSer attaches.
Even if you are not a customer of the windsurfing village, you are welcome to use your equipment in the Pro Center store (see price list).
The prices are for the storage of one BOARDSes, as well as 2 rigged sails (without boom).
Windsurf Village Customers can store unlimited material.

Wind (strength - direction)
The perfect location from Pro Center and the canal between Corsica and Sardinia guarantee you constant wind. Throughout the year both bays of Porto Pollo are alternately influenced by Tramontana, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco with winds between 4 and 8 Bft, so that the best conditions for advanced and beginners are offered. In the morning there are perfect wind conditions for beginners and in the afternoon the cracks can let off steam among themselves. In summer the ponente blows from the west at 4 to 8 Bft. and at the end of summer and autumn the Scirocco from North Africa blows at 5-6 and sometimes 9 Bft. The hills around Porto Pollo form a natural jet for the wind, which can thus blow freely into the bay. So arise before Pro Center the best wind and shallow water conditions; further out there are also small waves to be found.

Water temperature, stones, shoes
Our golden sandy beach with the breathtaking turquoise sea water offers the best wind and shallow water conditions. However, both bays of Porto Pollo are not shallow areas.
You cannot encounter any obstacles (stones, reefs) on the water that you cannot see beforehand. Shoes are therefore not absolutely necessary.

Rescue service / lifeguard
A lifeboat is always available, with which we can safely bring you back to our center in an emergency. In addition, a lifeguard watches over both the swimmers' area (especially for the children) and the surfers in the bay during the high season.
Attention: we do not offer a rescue service on days with more than 10 Bft!

Kitespot - windsurfing spot / zone
The windsurfing bay is from the Kitebook separately so that you can experience the full driving pleasure in both sports. Windsurfers are also allowed on the edge of the Kitebook surfing, but the other way around it is legal for KiteIt is forbidden to stay in the windsurfing bay.
The two bays in Porto Pollo offer plenty of space for all levels, ages and sports (windsurf /Kite & Kids).

Plane to Olbia
From Olbia airport:
After leaving the airport, turn left towards Olbia-Arzachena (30 km).
Then follow the signs to Palau.
-> Plane to Alghero
From Alghero airport:
After leaving the airport direction Sassari - Tempio (140km).
Then follow the signs to Palau.

Ferry to Olbia
From Olbia port:
After leaving the port entrance, turn right towards Arzachena (30km)
Then follow the signs to Palau.

Ferry to Porto Torres
From Porto Torres:
Via Strada Panoramica No. 200 via Castelsardo (34 km) to Santa Teresa (69 km).
Just before Santa Teresa turn right, follow signs to Palau (20km).
5 km before Palau turn left to Porto Pollo / Isola dei Gabbiani.

By car
The following applies to all travel options:
Through Arzachena towards Santa Teresa / Palau (15km)
Just before Palau, take the exit towards Santa Teresa at the roundabout.
After 3 km turn right towards Porto Pollo (Porto Puddu) / Isola dei Gabbiani
After about 2 km turn right again towards Porto Puddu /Windsurf Village/MB Pro Center/ Baia dei Delfini
The reception desk is at the end of the street Windsurf Village.
We're down on the beach (flags RRD /MB Pro Center)

The Windsurf Village has apartments for 2,4, 6 or XNUMX people. These are fully furnished, including a fully equipped kitchen and a large terrace. Some of the ground floor apartments also have their own garden.
You have a sea view and are only 200 meters from the beach!
Please send inquiries directly to Windsurf Village send. There are special discounts on our rental and course packages from 6/7 days for Windsurf Village Guests, if these are booked through us in advance. In addition, WSV guests receive reduced prices on sun loungers / parasols, as well as free material storage in the center.

Palau offers some shopping opportunities for souvenirs, clothing and surf accessories. There are also many restaurants, bars and clubs.

La Maddalena archipelago
The La Maddalena archipelago is famous for its crystal clear waters and pristine beaches.
Many excursion boats, sailing boats and motor yachts leave the port in Palau every day for a worthwhile day trip.

Porto Cervo / Emerald Coast
We recommend a trip along the beautiful Costa Smeralda with a detour to Porto Cervo, where the rich and famous can be found with their huge yachts.

Capo Testa
Capo Testa offers beautiful nature with extraordinary rock formations and is ideal for hiking with a beautiful view of Corsica. Also ideal for surfing - borrow the material from us and take it with you!

Castel Sardo
Once voted the most beautiful old town in Sardinia, Castel Sardo offers a castle high up in the city with a wonderful panoramic view over the island and the sea.

Discounts cannot be combined with one another!

WSV guests with advance booking
We offer special discounts for guests of the Windsurf Villages when booking before arrival via e-mail - valid for packages of at least 6-7 days.
From 6/7 days Rentalpackages windsurf /Kitesurf /Wing there is a 10% discount. There is a € 20,00 discount on the windsurfing course and rental packages.

Family discount
Based on the price of the Teens Week Packages (course incl. Min. 6/7 days BOARDSmiete) there are the following tiered family discounts for the kids:
Playground (4 - 6 years) - € 20%
Junior (6 - 8 years) - € 15%
Kids (9-11 years) - € 10%
Teens (9-11 years) - base price (approx. 10% discount based on the Basic Packages adults)

Family discount
from 7 days to only BOARDRent Packages (BOARDS + rig)
Discount with two full paying adults
3rd person discount -10%

Double use
1st person: Price according to price list and choice of material
2nd person: 50% discount based on the same or simpler rental equipment.
Double use possible from 3 days (consecutively) more complete BOARDRent, not cumulative with family discount or pre-booking discount.

From mid-May to mid-September you do Shakti several times in the morning pro Week fit for the day. At our reception you can find out when and where it's going!

Kids Playground
Right next to the Tiki beach bar / restaurant in our kids zone, we offer free kids animation for all customers of the from mid-May to mid-September Pro Centers and des Windsurf Villages on.
Simply pick up a kids club wristband at reception and your children can join in while you surf and relax in peace.

Daily child care plan (except Saturdays):
11:00 p.m. - 13:00 p.m.
15:30 p.m. - 17:30 p.m.

Kids Club Windsurf supervision in the afternoon
All kids who in addition to the booked course also that BOARDS rented for the whole week (Flatrate), will be 2,5 hours in the afternoon from one of our Team supervised. Playfully, we try to familiarize you with the area and convey the fun of windsurfing. It is not a course but supervision with instructions and rescue service with the boat.
Parents can surf in peace and relax and enjoy their vacation.

Daily kids club windsurf care plan (except Saturdays):
15:00 p.m. - 17:30 p.m.
(Period: from Pentecost to October)

Our playground with a slide, swings, other play equipment and toys is located in the separate kids zone on the beach.

Over 250 brand new RRD windsurfing & Kite-Boards with RRD sails / WING / Kites are available in all sizes, as well as special kids material.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy
There are no cancellation costs up to 21 days before the start of the holiday. From 21 to 7 days before the start of the holiday, 50% of the booking will be billed. From 7 days before the start of the holiday, we charge 100% of the booked package prices.

Discount for Windsurf Village Guests
Windsurf Village Guests will be charged a discount on presentation of the WSV voucher. This discount is only valid for bookings made before arrival via email or via the booking system and is also only valid for one rental of at least 6-7 days. Discounts, ProCenters or family discounts cannot be cumulated with other discounts.

Discount at Rental Packages windsurfing /Kiteboarding
All guests of the Windsurf VillageIf you book in advance, s receive a discount of 10% on windsurfing, - or Kite- Rent packages with a complete rental of at least 6-7 days. This does not apply to on-site rental. Special discounts apply to the lounge chairs on the beach. At the Special Weeks, the 10% is for that Rental Package already charged.

Discount on course and rental packages windsurfing /Kiteboarding
Guests of the Windsurf Villages receive a € 20,00 discount when booking course and rental packages in advance. Discounts, ProCenters or family discounts cannot be accumulated. For the Special Weeks, the € 20,00 is already charged.

Windsurf Village Inquiries / bookings
Unfortunately, we can only assign the beach apartments in the Windsurf Village on request and subject to availability. You will receive a separate offer directly from Windsurf Village Operator.

Deck chairs inquiries / bookings
Unfortunately, we can only allocate the deckchairs on the beach on request and subject to availability. You will receive a separate offer from Pro center.

Check-in / check-out for Rental, - and course equipment
When checking in for rental and / or courses, we ask you to provide valid ID and a credit card as a deposit for the rented equipment until the end of the course or rental (windsurf / rigs /Kite/Boards / suits / harnesses / life jackets / helmets / SUP / kayaks / sailing boats etc.).
All material will be sent to you by our Team assigned for your personal, sole use. Please check the condition of the material yourself when handing it over to report any damage immediately. If you want to drive another material, you can change this at any time with our help. When returning the material, we ask you to check out at the MBTeam to check this for possible damage.

General rental conditions
The Rentals (windsurfing / SUP / kayaking / sailing boats) basic knowledge in theory and practice is required.

Kite Rental Conditions
Um KiteRenting equipment is necessary, safe and independent KiteAs a rule, a license should be presented that confirms the achieved level MB Level KF3 + / IKO Level 3M / VDWS Level 4 and / or the required skills are demonstrated on site. The minimum requirements include controlled driving in all directions, including running safe heights, mastering the right of way, resuming Boards in the water, spot analysis and knowledge of the safety rules, safe starting and landing on the beach, as well as knowledge of self-rescue techniques. This is reserved for the safety of yourself and others MB Pro Center reserves the right to monitor the fulfillment of the required requirements and, if necessary, to interrupt the rental for security reasons. To ensure the safety of our students / tenants, this stops MB Pro Center always a safety boat ready for emergencies. This service does not contain repeating lost Boards, as well as no upwind lift service, which would not be necessary due to an emergency situation. The MB Pro Center stands for complete security! We therefore remind you again of the requirement, regardless Kiten to be able to. Are you already independent? Kiter, but haven't been on the water for a long time? Do you need a refresher on the safety rules? Are you new to the spot? Don't need a course anymore, but would like a teacher to keep an eye on you while you are on the water? No Probad! We offer Kite-Supervision, safety packages and beach services.  So book the Safety Package if you want to be on the safe side!

Kite-Flat rate:
From 6/7 days Kite- Rent is the use of the kayaks & SUP Boards included throughout the season. Parasols and loungers are also included but only in the off-season. Paid Rental can also be offset against any course hours.

Liability insurance
All students are about that Pro Center insured against liability. Tenant (windsurf, Kite, SUP, kayak & sailing), as well as material tenants after the end of the course hour, are not insured for themselves or against third parties. You are responsible for damage to the material, loss of material and damage to third parties (people / material). We always try to repair the material at cost. In the event of a collision, liability according to international rules applies.

Material insurance
An Pro Center windsurf or Kite Material insurance can be booked through the booking system or in Pro Center to be completed. This applies in the event of damage to the borrowed material, but not for persons or against third parties. The material insurance does not apply in the event of loss of material, failure to comply with the right of way or improper use of the material. Further Infos at the Pro Center reception.

MB-Flat-Rate consider Rental- and windsurfing course packages
All customers with at least 6/7 days of complete windsurfing or Kite Rental packages can, depending on availability, be free of chargeBoardUsing s & kayaks personally.

Rental days are consecutive days and cannot be used as single days. 2, 3 or 4 hours of windsurfing, - as well as Kite- Rent cannot be used as a single hour. FWS material availability: should no FWSBoards are more available, we provide at no extra charge PRO Material available provided this BOARDS is also offered in the FWS category. All prices pro Person.

Course or Rental Package prices
All prices are pro Person and can be changed by us at any time without prior notice, including any printing errors or mistakes. Discounts, ProCenters or family discounts cannot be accumulated. All prices are pro Person.

Reimbursement of unused services on site:
Unfavorable weather or other handicaps do not exempt you from paying the rental tariff. In the event of injury or illness of the tenant or course participant during the course of the rental, the following rule applies if a medical certificate is presented:
a) Immediate return of the rental equipment;
b) Credit from the date of issue of the medical certificate for the remaining rental days that have already been paid for. The Pro Center does not return cash.
c) If a doctor's certificate is not presented in the event of injury or illness, the full rental rate will be charged!
d) That Pro Center does not reimburse booked courses or Rentals, these should not have been fully used due to early departure. These can be transferred to another person by arrangement or credited as a voucher. The Pro Center does not return cash.
e) Passing on the rental equipment to third parties is prohibited!

The tenant is liable at all times in the event of theft or loss of material.
a) The tenant must ensure that the sports equipment is stored in such a way that it cannot be mixed up or stolen.
b) The rental costs are determined by the material category reserved by the customer and the selected rental period in accordance with our rental rates (see MB price list 2021). Our prices include all taxes in the amount applicable at the time of your reservation.

Payment on the spot
Any remaining payment can be made on site by credit card, bank card or in cash.

Secure payment by credit card
The card number and the expiry date are encrypted and transmitted to the specialized company via a secure server (SSL) and are never passed on.

Material insurance
This covers damage that occurs during use in the water, such as cracks in the sail, damage to the BOARDS, boom or mast and / or breaks caused by slingshots. However, the insurance does not cover damage caused by carelessness on the water and on the mainland (e.g. bumping into stones and rocks) or non-compliance with the right of way rules (e.g. port to starboard). Broken material caused deliberately by jumping into the sail or by incorrect use are also excluded. Furthermore, I am responsible for any material damage and personal injury caused by my unsupervised or unsecured material (e.g. on the beach). If third parties / other parties involved in the accident are responsible for damage to the rental material, the tenant must bring those who caused the damage to the MB office or their data and liability acknowledgment.

General conditions for courses and rental of wind /Kitematerial, as well as for the rental of dinghies, SUP and kayaks
You confirm about the safety regulations of the navigation and right of way rules infoto be roved and to respect them. They confirm that they can swim for 15 minutes at a time and that they are physically fit and healthy. You need to be able to handle the wind and / or Kitematerial, SUP, kayak and / or dinghies des MB-Pro Centers in a suitable way, according to the current weather conditions and only during the rental period. During the courses you undertake to follow all instructions from the teacher and the MB-Pro Center Teams to be observed. You know that you will only be informed about the from MB-Pro Center have taken out liability insurance. You know that MB-Pro Center for material damage to the wind and / or Kite Equipment, SUP, kayak assumes no liability and you are personally liable for damage to the rental equipment and any damage you cause. Both as a student and as a tenant, you are aware that you are personally responsible for yourself and towards third parties, as well as for the material that you receive from MB-Pro Center is made available. You can take out equipment insurance for any damage to the windsurf rental equipment. Damage to MB-Pro Center Material caused by negligence will not be covered by the insurance. You are aware that it is strictly forbidden to leave the material unattended on the beach, as this can lead to material damage and / or personal injury. If you disregard this, you are responsible for the damage caused and therefore liable. It is not permitted to pass the rental material on to third parties.

Material rules on the beach:
The material must not be left unused on the beach for more than 15 minutes, otherwise this is reserved Pro Center to pass on material.

Personal data
The MB-Pro Center processes personal data of the customer for a specific purpose and in accordance with the statutory provisions. The personal data provided for the purpose of the order will be used to fulfill and process the contract. We treat these data confidentially and do not pass them on to third parties who are not involved in the ordering, delivery and payment processes.


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