Wingfoiling—The feeling of flying

The perfect combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing in one sport! Here you can find out everything you need to know about this new sport. Discover our offers for you and your family.


Wing lessons

WINGFOILING is the new watersport trend. With the right equipment and our skilled MB instructors quickly to learn. 'Learning together is just more fun' and so you learn the first steps of wingfoiling in a group within 1,5 hours. First you learn the basics with a 'normal' board and then you're moving on to the foiling part. Once you are able to go, you won't be able to get off the water anymore!


Wingfoiling is the new fast upcoming watersport trend and has 3 major benefits:

Wingsurfing is easy and completely safe
Already in the first hour or two everyone rides independently with Board and Wing.
Whether young or older, man or woman, athletic or not. Wingsurfing is a very accessible sport!

The WING weighs almost nothing and is completely harmless
This makes Wingsurfing ideal for children and also less athletic people.

Wingfoiling gives you the feeling of flying
After the first attempts with the board & wing, we continue with 'wingfoiling.'
With a little patience and persistency during learning, wingfoiling opens up a complete new water sports dimension. It's much easier to make fast steps on the wing, compared to kite and windsurf. The reward is huge, a flying experience on the water!

Course and rental packages

A special package where you combine lessons and rental and spend as much time as possible on the water. All this will make you fall in love with wing-foiling.

Private lessons

We recommend private lessons wingfoiling from Level WING-3 (see level card).
To learn the first basics it's the best in a group course. The group courses last 1,5 hours. Private lessons are by hour.

Wingfoiling rental (Incl. VIP equipment)

In the VIP Package you can choose from all the categories we offer at the center. Depending on the wind conditions you are always the KING or the QUEEN on the water.