Kite- Rental conditions

MB-Pro Center - Kite Rental conditions - Porto Pollo

Um KiteRenting equipment is necessary, safe and independent kiten to be able to.
As a rule, a license should be presented that confirms the achieved level MB Level KF3 + / IKO Level 3M / VDWS Level 4 and / or the required skills are demonstrated on site.
The minimum requirements include controlled driving in all directions, including running safe heights, mastering the right of way, resuming Boards in the water, spot analysis and knowledge of the safety rules, safe starting and landing on the beach, as well as knowledge of self-rescue techniques.

This is reserved for the safety of yourself and others MB Pro Center reserves the right to monitor the fulfillment of the required requirements and, if necessary, to interrupt the rental for security reasons.
To ensure the safety of our students / tenants, this stops MB Pro Center always a safety boat ready for emergencies. This service does not contain repeating lost Boards, as well as no upwind lift service, which would not be necessary due to an emergency situation.
The MB Pro Center stands for complete security! We therefore remind you again of the requirement, regardless Kiten to be able to.

Are you already independent? Kiter, but haven't been on the water for a long time? Do you need a refresher on the safety rules?
Are you new to the spot? Don't need a course anymore, but would like a teacher to keep an eye on you while you are on the water?
Incredible Probad! We offer one Kite Beach service!

Kite-Flat rate:
From 6/7 days Kite- Rent is the use of the kayaks & SUP Boards included throughout the season. Parasols and loungers are also included but only in the off-season.
Paid Rental can also be offset against any course hours.

Have fun !
MB-Kite Team