Our logo 'MOA' was designed by Michiel Bouwmeester in 2015.
It symbolises a being who represents all individuals in the world carrying a board. This board stands for all water sports, whether windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, SUP or others.
The word 'MOA' is the Hawaiian word for "chicken". Pollo, from Porto Pollo, translated from Italian, also means "chicken" and so the circle closes.


Right on the beach, just a few steps from the sea, our MOA BEACH SHOP awaits you: a small shop where you can discover a selection of sweaters, swimwear, T-shirts, beach towels and bags (and much more). All with our MOA logo of course.


A few steps from the beach, near Windsurf Village you will find our MOA PRO SHOP: a selection of RRD designer clothes with refined fabrics and unique lines. A variety of clothing items with our MOA surfer logo such as sweaters, swimwear, T-shirts in summer colors, accompanied by many accessories for the beach.
Besides the clothing, MOA Pro shop has an area for windsurfing, kiting and winging. From boards to sails, from fins to wetsuits and harnesses, you will find everything you need for your favorite sport at your holiday spot.


Robert Ricci launched his first collection in 1994 under the brand name RRD - Roberto Ricci Designs. At first it only included surfboards, followed by the clothing line developed in collaboration with Ricci's friend Roberto Bardini. The company has very functional fabrics, including the all-rounder Lycra. “Nothing is sewn, everything is cut with the laser and then glued. The items are comfortable, wind- and waterproof and have a perfect cut combined with great style, ”enthuses Roberto Ricci. And: "Freedom of movement is the essence of the company."
The MB Pro Shop is lucky enough to be able to present its guests items from the RRD collection every year. Come and get a piece of Italien design to home!


1989 was the year Roberto Ricci discovered the secrets of the surf gurus. It didn't take long for him to become a shaper himself, someone who designs and builds surfboards. There is hardly a product from the company that the designer has not tested himself. Only when he finds it to be good is the product allowed to carry out his name and be sold in stores. It is also irrelevant whether the product is a kite board, windsurf board, foil or wing. RRD only sells the best functional products!
At MB Pro Shop you can find everything you need. A section for windsurfing, kiting, wings, from boards to sails, from fins to wetsuits and harnesses, you will find here what you are looking for for your favorite sport at your holiday spot.