MB Pro Center - Porto Pollo

250RRD Boards – ready to go!

Pro Center is the ultimate spot for all windsurfing levels from beginner to advanced or pro. Porto Pollo Bay is a safe shallow water spot with its windy season from April to November. The Maestrale wind blows from the west in spring and autumn between 15-30 knots. In summer we often have the Scirocco wind from the east, between 15-25 knots. We offer professional training for kids and adults, rental (always the latest RRD equipment) and storage for the windsurfing equipment you have brought with you.
Come and see one of “the best windsurfing spots in Europe!”

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Your progress should be clear! To show the level achieved in windsurfing, we provide to each participant one MB Pro Center Level Card. Also we give special bracelets to all our 'little guests' who are participating in the Playground, Junior, Kids & Teens Academy. The 8 different colors confirm the level being reached and also encourage our mini windsurfers in particular to reach the next level with pride and joy.


Security is a very important issue for us. In order to offer you as much fun and relaxation as possible, we pay attention to our security services. A protected swimming area near the beach chairs is monitored daily by our lifeguard throughout the season from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm. At MB Pro Center we also have lifeboats that ensure safety on the water for all guests of MB Pro Center and Windsurf Village.


Our instructors are VDWS / CSEN licensed professionals with extensive experience in the world of windsurfing and teaching. Whether you are a beginner in water sports or want to learn a complicated maneuver after years of experience, together with our instructors you can achieve your goals in a group or in individual lessons at your level. If you would likeVDWS to become a VDWS windsurf instructor? MB Pro Center gives you the opportunity to qualify and certify yourself in specially designed VDWS seminars.

FLAT RATE – From 6/7 days Rental Package

instead of windsurfing, wingfoiling or kite rental

free use of sunbeds from 01.04. to 31.05.2023
and the 11.09. to 04.11.2023
free double board use for children from 4-6 years (parents + kid)

Rent € 59, - / week
-10% discount with a voucher for the MOA SURFSHOP